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About AT Cooker,Verified Commercial Induction Cooking Equipment Manufacturer

About Us

    China AT Industrial Limited (AT Cooker) is a Leading Brand Supplier of Commercial Induction Cooking Equipment. Servicing a wide spectrum of sectors including wholesale, merchant andconstruction markets, we have enjoyed continuous growth since founded.Our mission is Cooking for a Healthier Life!
    We believe our success is based on a highly customer-focused attitude, a continuous improvement philosophy for product and an innovative approach to business.With dialectical point , we recognize that all our customers are different as well as dynamic, which is why we strive to 'Make a Difference' by delivering excellence in customer service and offering unique product wherever possible.

Benifits if Choose AT Cooker

1 Get a Safer CookingThe commercial induction cookers will not get hot (and you are much safer from burn injuries!). Heat is generated through a magnetic field between the hob cooker plate element and the metal of the pot (can't use glass or ceramic pots). Only the food is heated. Although some of that heat will transfer to the sides of your cooking vessel, the stove top itself stays cool.

2 Save Energy The energy efficiency of induction cooking is 90%-95%,It’s about twice as the traditional stoves.Gas stove:30%-45%,Electric stove:45%-55%.

3 Save TimeThanks to it’s high energy efficiency ,the induction cooking heats food much faster than other cooking ways.

4 Easy Clean & No Pollution &Long LifeAT Cooker’s induction cooking eauipment has 304# stainless body and high quality microcrystalline glass.Both of them are very easy to clean.One importantthing is induction cooking never makes any exhaust gas ,it means no pollution!

5 Easy ControlYou can choose a preset function,also you can change it whenever you need!Such as different powers,different times,different temperatures !Amazingly, induction cookers can detect when a pot boils dry and then shut off automatically!

6 Save MoneyThanks to so many advantages ,AT Cooker’s equipment will save your money in the long run!

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The Leading Manufacturer of Induction Cooking Equipments.

As a leader of induction cooking  equipment manufacturer,800+ restaurants & hotels from 30+ countries choose us as their important partner.In 2015, 3686 pieces equipments are installed in their kitchens.
Our focus-a safer cooking,a cleaner cooking,a lower cost cooking.
Our mission-Cooking for a Healthier life.


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