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1. What is your privacy policy?

We do not share any information about our customers with others, with the exception of information required to process their orders (or when requested by a government health or law enforcement agency in the course of an investigation.) We do not send SPAM email, but we do send email to our customers with order confirmation, tracking number information, or questions regarding their order.

2. Can we have our logo or company name to be printed on your products or the package?

Yes. Logo and or imprints can be printed on our products(but not for SAMPLES). If you want your logo, company name to be printed on the package for the products or on the products(custom design package), you can send us the artwork by email in AI, EPS, TIFF or CorelDraw format.

3. Are there health hazards from an induction cooker's radiation?

The short answer is "Almost certainly not."
We only say "almost" because we are not medically trained and so not legally competent to give medical advice. But if you have any such device, consult your own physician.
Here are some more information for your reference :
1 )IEEE has index that the frequency of Induction cooker is 20~25KHz (1MHz=1000KHZ=1000 000Hz)
2)If you have know how induction works , you may know that the electric field and the magnetic field exists alone, there will not be like the electromagnetic wave outward radiation of the phenomenon, only in its intensity range of swing fluctuations only.( you can click here to know : How Induction Works )
3) For AT commercial induction cooker heating movement is generally between 18 ~ 23KHz, the use of imported German IGBT,follow the safety index of IEEE .
4)The maximum magnetic field strength in the induction cooker edge is 160 milligauss, and the use of mobile phone is 1600 milligauss,so commercial induction cooker is quite safe.

4. Can I use any pot or pan on an induction unit?

No. With the technology available today—and for the reasonably foreseeable future—only cookware with a "ferrous" nature will work on induction. That means items of ceramic, glass, copper, or aluminum will not work. But all cast iron and enamelware (which is porcelain- or ceramic-coated cast iron) works, as does a large fraction of stainless-steel cookware. Most of the AT induction cooker we have matched pot or pan or wok when shipping to customers .n

5. Are there any sorts of adaptors for using non-ferrous cookware on an induction unit?

Yes. Such things are called "induction disks", and are basically a large ferrous skillet with no sides; you put the disk on the cooktop and the glass or ceramic or whatever piece of cookware on the disk.
Also the stainless steel pot with composite bottom is ok, but pay attention to the diameter is no less than 24cm for commercial induction cookers.

6. Does induction cooking require special techniques? Are there induction cookbooks?

"No", in that induction is simply a source of cooking heat, so cooking on an induction unit is in principle no different from cooking on any form of heat, whether gas or electric coil or radiant (or, for that matter, coal or wood); that is why there are no special "induction recipes" or "induction cookbooks".

7. Isn't the cooktop surface glass? Will it crack or scratch?

 Yes, the cooktop surface is glass—but not ordinary glass. Induction cooktops, like all "AT Cooker" stoves, are surfaced with what is called "ceramic glass", which is very strong and—crucial here—tolerates very high temperatures and sudden temperature changes. AT Idcution cooktops use Schott with 6mm thickness .
Ceramic glass is very tough, but if you drop a heavy item of cookware—say a cast-iron skillet—several inches onto it, it may crack. In everyday use, however, it is wildly unlikely to crack. It is not like cooking on a windowpane!

8. I've heard that induction units are noisy鈥攚hat's the scoop?

Induction units are not, or not much .when used on induction: the sound is usually described as a humming or buzzing.it below 45db .

9. Can I use "commercial" units in a home kitchen?

Yes .You should nevertheless check with your local building department before buying or building in commercial induction units—building codes are different in different counties . If your county's code turns out to forbid "commercial" kitchen equipment in generic terminology, you can probably get a variance for induction units if you explain how they operate and why they're safe.

10. How can I place order ? -how can I get my product ?

Our company has official website , choose what products want and write email through the contact information. Ensure you can receive the response please use your commonly used email and phone number. Products will send to you by sea or by air .
Inquiry --Confirm with each other --Response (Quotation) --Make payment --Produce--Shipping

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