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Commercial Deep Fryers Price
Item No.: FCDT-AS3

Power supply:10KW/AC 380V / 50-60 Hz .
Power controller: Knob switch
Power level : 8 power level
With 304# stainless steel body

Induction Kitchens Equipment|Commercial Fryer Manufacturers

Commercial Deep Fryers Price
Get induction kitchens equipment from Commercial Fryer Manufacturers

Item No.:FCDT-AS3
Power supply:10kw/380V / 50-60 Hz .
Power controller: Knob switch deep fryer price

Power level : 8 power level
With 304# stainless steel body deep fryer price
Ambient temperature: from -5° C to +40° C
Energy efficiency: 90% -95%
High temperature up to 800° C

Real-time power level display
Real-time temperature display
Faucet drain, cleaning more convenient
3D three-dimensional radiation shielding design prevents leakage magnetic field

Product size :500×800×800mm
Packing size :600×900×900mm
Tank size: 340×340×200mm
Net capacity : 23L deep fryer commercial grade

Anti-high temperature warning
Anti-low/high voltage warning
Anti-dry heating warning
Anti-overheating warning
Automatic fault detection 

Induction Kitchens Equipments|Commercial Deep Fryers Price

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