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How to use induction cooker

Dear customers,
Welcome to use AT induction cooker, before use the equipment,please read below carefully!

Cooker installation environment
Operating voltage: 220VAC / 380VAC
   Frequency: 50-60HZ Protection category: IPXO
   Ambient temperature: -5 degrees - +40 degrees Working temperature: 30% -90%
Cooker pot material requirements:
Due to the non-magnetic material can not effectively accumulate the magnetic field lines, almost can not form a vortex, which basically does not produce heat. Further, the conductivity of the magnetic material due to its extremely poor high resistivity, a small eddy current, the heat (P = I²R) produced is small. Therefore, the material used for the conductive properties cooker relatively good iron material. General use of pot are: iron, A3 wok, stainless steel wok and so on.
For more ,please download the file.

How to use induction cooker

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