The short answer is “Almost certainly not.”
We only say “almost” because we are not medically trained and so not legally competent to give medical advice. But if you have any such device, consult your own physician.
Here are some more information for your reference :
1 )IEEE has index that the frequency of Induction cooker is 20~25KHz (1MHz=1000KHZ=1000 000Hz)
2)If you have know how induction works , you may know that the electric field and the magnetic field exists alone, there will not be like the electromagnetic wave outward radiation of the phenomenon, only in its intensity range of swing fluctuations only.( you can click here to know : How Induction Works )
3) For AT commercial induction cooker heating movement is generally between 18 ~ 23KHz, the use of imported German IGBT,follow the safety index of IEEE .
4)The maximum magnetic field strength in the induction cooker edge is 160 milligauss, and the use of mobile phone is 1600 milligauss,so commercial induction cooker is quite safe.