ZFGT-A V25 commercial seafood steamer

//ZFGT-A V25 commercial seafood steamer
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Project Description

convection steamer commercial seafood steamer commercial fish steamer commercial oyster steamers
convection steamer commercial seafood steamer

convection steamer
commercial seafood steamer
◆Power supply: 25 kw
◆Power controller: Sensor
◆Power level : 8 power level

Product Size
W100×D110×H185 cm
Packing Size
W110×D120×H 200 cm

convection steamer commercial seafood steamer

Save money in long time

◆Efficiency: 90% -95%
◆304# stainless steel body
◆More efficient, longer life

Quicker cooking

Take less time to cook food

More safer

◆No flame, and no gas leaks.

Quicker cooking , less-wasteful, safer and better cooking is great.

Item No. ZFGT-A V25

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AT Cooker's equipment will help you to supply the healthier foods to your customers. Commercial induction cooking is the fast way to make foods. It has so many advantages. It is the safest way of cooking and no pollution. To the restaurant owner, it will save your money in long time. See what they say.
This is a great induction single stove. Easy to use. You have to use pans that will hold a magnet.
I often use cast iron. Has 8 levels. It would be nice if the lowest level would go a bit lower as the simmering liquid will still splatter on the countertop.
But it’s very quick and the temp adjust immediately and the unit itself does not get hot. The price was great! Highly recommend!
Paola, Your Content Goes Here
This item was a great addition to my buffet service. Not only attractive, but easy to use by the guests. The food served in it just looked even better!
Barry, Your Content Goes Here

These cooktop are great for any kind of cooking. Shipping is a perfect , they came to me before Christmas ! Quite nice!

Robert, Your Content Goes Here
I bought them for our customers, they are quite satisfied with the cookers and pots, Chris is a good person to contact!
Hansin, Your Content Goes Here
They are more beautiful than the picture, woks are working fine, love it!
Joseph, Your Content Goes Here
I bought this rang with oven for my Sushi restaurant, perfect in working. delivery is fast to Middle East.
Rizza, Your Content Goes Here
This is a great product for our business. I would recommend this product and the Choice line to anyone.
Ben, Your Content Goes Here
I have used many of cooking equipments in the last few years. I have used more expensive name brands, and these AT induction ranges are just as good!
Brandon, Your Content Goes Here
Great price for a great product! Will continue to purchase this induction cooktop.
Arshad, Your Content Goes Here

This is my second time order .first I received is fast and good quality so I can back order again ,very good for soup cooking.

Victor, Your Content Goes Here
Love these induction stoves! We are never able to find these locally and they work great for our sauces and wet items.
Lisa, Your Content Goes Here
This turned out to be the perfect cooking solution for our new restaurant. We love it!
Kim, Your Content Goes Here

Works great. Definitely worth the money.

Robin, Your Content Goes Here
This built-in cooktop is awesome! Very pleased with it.
Erica, Your Content Goes Here

convection steamer commercial seafood steamer

AT COOKER commercial seafood steamer is designed to easily steam foods without wasting unnecessary water and energy.
Thanks to its boilerless and pressureless design, this commercial seafood steamer can be used to prepare vegetables, seafood, rice, and more, making it perfect for any busy commercial kitchen!
The three independently-controlled compartments promote more efficient operation during down times since you may only need to power up one of them as needed,
and they also offer you the flexibility to steam different foods at the same time without worrying about flavor transfer.

convection steamer commercial seafood steamer