Project Description

This is a 3.5 KW wok cooker. As an expert of induction cooking equipment manufacturers, AT Cooker supplies all kinds of commercial induction wok burners. For more items, please click here.

AT Cooker’s induction wok burners can boil water in just seconds. They have a heavy duty design and 6 mm glass-ceramic bowl. Commercial induction cooking is not only over 90% efficient, b but also lowering utility bills and contributing to a safer, greener kitchen environment. AT Cooker’s induction wok burner commercial not only provide healthy foods, but also save your money in the long run.

induction wok burner commercial
induction wok burner commercial

◆With 304# stainless steel body
◆Real-time power level display
◆Real-time temperature display

◆3.5 KW (or 5 KW )
◆Controller: Knob switch
◆Power level : 8 power level

Save money in the long run
◆Efficiency: 90% -95%
◆Take less time to cook food

Product size
380×500×210 mm
Packing size
480×570×310 mm
Pot(Pan) size
No less than 40 cm

More safer
◆No flame, and no gas leaks.

Item No. SHCT-AC3.5